Artuqid Dynasty; a unique state that was perhaps established in one of the most chatoic eras of Anatolia's tens of thousands of years long history. The extraordinary machines and inventions of Jazari, who was the chief engineer of this state that continued advancing science, technology art and urbanization even in an era when Seljuks, Ayyubids, Crusaders and the Byzantines had engaged in a merciless power struggle, still continues to be a source of inspiration to the humankind. The exhibition which bases upon the "Look back to your history, write the future" principle, will carry its guests through to the extraordinary techincal and scientific heritage of Jazari who derived it from his predecessors and who has delivered it to his successors with an unmatched contribution. Both the extraordinary machines of the chief engineer Jazari, and the milestone advancments of scientific and technological nature, will be in Uniq Expo until August 10 2019 with Istanbul Jazari Museum's initiative.

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